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Research and Development oriented towards advanced formulations-ORAL FORMULATIONS-

The modern techniques of virtual screening and drug design identify compounds with high lipophilicity, which makes the development of formulations suitable for in vivo delivery more challenging. On the other hand, lipophilic compounds have a high capacity to distribute to the organs and this constitutes an advantage for the treatment of tumors in difficult-to-access sites and for the eradication of viruses, such as HIV, scattered in different lipophilic districts of the body.

Our goal is to leverage this advantage offered by the lipophilicity of the compounds, by being able to formulate them in such a way as to allow excellent delivery and absorption, as well as excellent patient compliance. In particular for long treatments, both in oncology and for HIV, oral administration, with the lowest possible frequency of administration, is certainly the preferred method for patients. However, there are situations in which intravenous administration is preferable, to ensure complete delivery and absorption of the drug or in cases of patients with gastro-intestinal problems. We are therefore committed to finding formulations suitable for both oral and intravenous administration, using the most modern approaches, such as self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, or formulations with liposomes and nanoparticles.