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Efficient results against metastatic Prostate-, Lung- and Breast Cancer

The latest results of a wide range of cell culture assays of some of our compounds against triple negative metastatic breast cancer, metastatic (smokers) lung cancer and metastatic prostate cancer have demonstrated excellent activity, ranging from nanomolar to sub-micromolar inhibitory concentrations.

Additional tests are currently prepared that will expand the investigation to several other important tumor targets such as colorectal-, stomach-, liver- and esophageal cancer as well to a wider range of cell cultures representative of the selected cancer types.

A large subset of cancer indications meets the criteria of DDX3 overexpression and in several of these cancers, high efficacy of our anti-tumor agents has so far been confirmed. Considering the fact that DDX3 overexpression is typically associated with some of the most aggressive cancers, there is a clear perspective towards novel treatments for patients – such as the triple negative breast cancer patient group – that do not benefit from existing targeted therapy possibilities.