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Advancements in protein-ligand analysis significantly speed up development

NanoDSF and MicroScaleThermophoresis (MST) are two groundbreaking technologies concerning protein-ligand binding assay offered by our development partner Proteros GMBH.

Used in conjunction, these technologies offer a cost-effective and rapid high-throughput alternative for traditional fluorimetric protein-ligand binding assays. By means of nanoDSF, hundreds of compounds can be rapidly screened and selected for protein binding affinity, after which MicroScaleThermophoresis can be applied in order to precisely quantify the (Kd) binding values of the selected compounds with picomolar precision.

The advantages for our company are significant. The techniques are very precise while using minimal amounts of both ligands and proteins, making them more cost-effective than traditional binding assays. The screening speed is both very fast as well as completely reproducible with benchmark accuracy.

Assay development is not necessary and the same proteins that are already used for the production of our crystallographic structures can be readily used for nanoDSF and MST, resulting in substantial cost reductions and the possibility to upscale our research, while at the same time significantly reducing target development lead time.