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First Health Pharmaceuticals B.V. is a biotech company with its main offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and its laboratory facilities in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Siena – Italy.

Thanks to the groundbreaking nature of the RNA Helicase targeting technology, developed by our group, and the vast array of pathogens and malignancies that is targeted by our compounds, many research groups worldwide, directly or indirectly, participated in the research in our field of interest. Some of these collaborations are based on a joint development agreement but most academic groups performed efficacy tests related to pathogens that fit their field of research purely for academic reasons. Our research group is the only one in the world that developed a large portfolio of small molecule DDX3 Helicase inhibitors, for use both as  antivirals and anti tumor agents. As such, many highly specialized research groups around the world are interested in testing our compounds, in order to gain more insight in the complex cellular RNA helicase biochemistry.


  • First Health Pharmaceuticals B.V. – fully owned by the First Health Capital investment foundation
  • First Health Capital – Investment Organisation and Holding of the First Health Group,
  • First Health Participations – gives access to First Health stocks to private investors.
  • First Health United – Independent Nonprofit Organisation (NPO) – receives donations and royalty-free access to First Health IP for Developing World.


First Health United is an Amsterdam-based non-profit organization, founded with the purpose to promote life science R&D for the benefit of humanity in general. It is a fully independent spin off of the company First Health Pharmaceuticals, who transferred the largest part of its antivirus development pipeline to the First Health United non-profit organization. After the foundation of the First Health Capital investment fund and the First Health Pharmaceuticals company, it was decided that a substantial percentage of all future revenues resulting from the DDX3 RNA Helicase antivirus and anti-tumour agents would be redirected towards a dedicated non-profit organization.