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Alessia Tarditi – Director of Research and Development

Already quite some time ago it became clear that the scale and importance of our projects deserved a management position for a Director of Research and Development. Dr. Alessia Tarditi PhD. with whom we already collaborated in the past, seemed interested and started working on our projects from our offices in Amsterdam. The collaboration proved to be very successful and Mrs. Tarditi (41) was subsequently employed as full time Director of Research and Development next to General Manager Jan Willem Bakker, who now can concentrate more on business development tasks. Alessia holds a Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and a PhD in Pharmacology. Further she has developed knowledge and skills in Drug Development in Oncology, working in Big Pharma as well as in Biotech companies (Germany and Italy). She has proven experience in managing international multicenter projects and managing relationships with collaborating expert groups and Clinical Research Organizations.