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First Health Pandemics Taskforce

The DDX3 RNA Helicase is a known host factor for a wide array of viruses of which many are already investigated by our group. Some of these viruses, such as HIV and HCV, are widespread around the world while many others like Dengue or Zika are of more specific importance to developing countries. A specific subgroup of viruses that is potentially responsive to DDX3 helicase inhibition also has a potential of creating a global Pandemic and due to that requires a different approach from a therapeutic point of view.

Some of the viruses that have a Pandemic potential and should benefit from DDX3 host factor therapy are SARS Coronavirus, Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever virus, Lassa virus, Rubella Coronavirus and measles. Global migration, but in theory also acts of bioterrorism, make these viruses potentially more dangerous than local outbreaks would normally be.

Taking these viral threats into account First Health Pharmaceuticals has created a task force that will concentrate on specific therapeutic solutions for viruses with Pandemic potential. Our own biologists and virologists will expand, or start new research projects with our collaborating research groups in Europe, the USA and Asia specialized in these often life threatening pathogens. Our research will not merely limit itself to testing the efficacy of our compounds against these viral strains. We will also investigate specific therapeutic solutions readily adaptable to Global Pandemic scenarios, concentrating specifically on injectables with immediate high and broad spectrum antiviral activity.