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Interference with RNA metabolism as a means to fight CoViD19

First Health Pharmaceuticals has been investigating the activity of its compounds on the replication of various RNA viruses, therefore, no wonder that we have also successfully tested in vitro models of SAR-COV2 infection. Currently we have undertaken projects with leading clinical centers for COVID19 research and treatment in the Netherlands where the compounds are going to be tested in patient samples.

Besides assessing the activity on the replication of the virus, First Health Pharma is also committed to assess the anti-inflammatory component of the compounds which represents an important added value to counteract the more frequent comorbidity and cause of the most serious and lethal manifestations of the infection. The activity on classical mediators of inflammation and those responsible for the cardiovascular component are being investigated with our compounds. Our compounds could also be potentially active on mutations and forms of the coronavirus, as already demonstrated for HIV.