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First Health supports LGBTQI rights and equality

First Health Pharmaceuticals B.V. has been openly championing LGBTQI rights since its foundation. We reaffirm our commitment against all forms of discrimination by supporting Pride Amsterdam 2018 taking place this week hard on the heels of AIDS2018 International Conference where First Health participated as an exhibitor and which theme was ‘Breaking Barriers Building Bridges’, with an aim of drawing attention to the need for rights-based approaches that effectively reach key populations, including people living with HIV, drug users, sex workers, LGBTQI, displaced populations.

First Health knows what it takes to advocate for human rights. From our groundbreaking RNA research on a new generation of antivirals and RNA Helicase inhibiting lead compounds development against cancer and HIV to the establishment of Stitching First Health United as part of our increased emphasis on access to innovative antiviral drugs for the Developing World, we know how important it is to advocate and promote the true sense of equality and opportunity for all.