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First Health to participate at AIDS2018 Conference

First Health Pharmaceuticals and First Health United Foundation are going to participate at AIDS2018, the 22nd International AIDS Conference on HIV and AIDS, which will take place in RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 23 to 27 July 2018.

First Health Pharmaceuticals, since its foundation in 2015, has addressed its field of research in advanced RNA biochemistry. It soon revealed a winning choice with the development of first-in-class translation inhibitor antiretroviral compounds effective against HAART resistant HIV strains.

Also, the groundbreaking approach of First Health Pharmaceuticals and partners on antiretroviral therapy moves away from the current approach of targeting viral proteins, by focusing on targeting human cofactors that are needed for the viral replication instead, reducing or even cancelling virus resistance. First Health Pharmaceuticals’ DDX3 RNA Helicase Translation Inhibitor class of compounds have the potential to be used for treating different viral infections.

Highlights on this strategy, along with the breakthrough results of research projects on HIV, tropical viruses and cancer as well, with comments and contribution from world famous key opinion leaders’ video interviews will be the pillar of First Health Pharmaceuticals’ show off at AIDS2018. 3D simulations of interaction between compounds and targets will also be shown thanks to the most advanced techniques of Computer-aided drug design.

Most importantly, First Health Pharmaceuticals will be one of the only two companies presenting the latest data on the development of new antiretroviral drugs at its stand (booth 322) at AIDS2018 International Conference.

First Health Pharmaceuticals is also the major sponsor of First Health United foundation established in 2015. It granted its existing portfolio of highly active pharmaceutical compounds to First Health United for the purpose of developing new antiviral agents against viruses like Dengue, Zika and other tropical viruses that offer limited economic perspective to the pharmaceutical industry but are of great importance to the Developing World.