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First Health United Foundation

The First Health United Foundation is an independent non-profit spin off of the First Health Group, founded in 2015 by former Mc Kinsey Benelux Chairman and life sciences philanthropist F.W. (Mickey) Huibregtsen.

We are proud to announce that First Health United has started a non-profit research project that will study pathways and possible new drug targets for very important vector borne diseases that plague the developing world; Dengue Virus, Malaria, African sleeping sickness and Onchocerciasis (River Blindness).

As an independent non-profit organisation, First Health United receives donations and uses these proceeds in order to fund non-profit research projects targeting blood and vector borne diseases in developing countries.

First Health Pharmaceuticals is proud to offer technical assistance and free access to its high performance computing facilities at the Amsterdam Science Park.

Quoting First Health United chairman Mickey Huibregtsen: “We believe in cooperation and we are fully aware that we are not going to solve these tremendous problems by ourselves, but that it should never be an excuse for not doing our very best to make a contribution to the world wide effort to cure these illnesses once and for all”.

Visit the First Health United website for more information.