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new laboratory in Colle di Val d’Elsa

New lab facilities in Italy to expand on our existing R&D

Besides our Research and Development in The Netherlands, First Health Pharmaceuticals has important collaborations worldwide, especially in countries such as India and Italy.

Recently we opened new laboratory facilities in Colle di Val d’Elsa – Italy, where we concentrate several of our local R&D units under one roof and will also operate as a hub for our partners in the life sciences concentration around Siena. Our new lab is equipped with proprietary state of the art instruments, such as the latest spectrometers, advanced automated plate readers and cell counting equipment.

Our new Italian laboratory hosts four principal development units: Biology, Oncology, Pharmacology and Chemical Synthesis & Analysis.

While Drug Discovery will remain the exclusive competence of our Amsterdam head office, our new laboratories will expand on our existing biology, chemistry and in-vivo facilities and collaborations in The Netherlands and India.

Our Biology lab is equipped for enzymatic activity, ADME and toxicology studies. Our Oncology lab will carry out antitumor activity studies and protein characterization. Our Pharmacology lab is set-up for formulation studies and in-vivo distribution optimization. Our Chemical Synthesis lab has the latest state of the art equipment for automated high throughput synthesis, purification and analysis.

Our new laboratory facilities are part of CREA, a joint venture of several R&D companies founded by the University of Siena and operating in the Palazzone campus in the town of Colle di Val d’Elsa.

Our new laboratory reinforces our local collaborations with our long time partners; the virology research group of Siena University Hospital and ISPRO-the Tuscan cancer research institution.