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First Health Pharmaceuticals has set its RNA Research priorities on RNA Helicase inhibiting lead compounds development

                                        [h2_heading]FOCUS ON RNA[/h2_heading]

RNA molecules are a small and versatile tool to transport information within the cell and the organism, thus RNA represents an optimal way for viruses to store all the necessary information for their survival and replication in a minimal space and with minimal complexity. Furthermore, the translation of RNA to proteins is fundamental for cell survival and replication, thus it is not surprising that RNA-related pathways are altered in pathological conditions as hyperproliferative diseases.
There have been identified several partners of RNA which contributes to transport, folding, unwinding, protection, lysis, expression and all its lifecycle. Although the information carried is read from one strand of RNA, folding and annealing to double strand RNA is used to protect the molecule from lysis and to add a second structure for further recognition by partners. Therefore, a crucial step in the RNA molecule lifecycle is the unfolding of double strand loops or molecules.


                                        [h2_heading]RNA HELICASES[/h2_heading]

RNA helicases represent a large class of enzymes that mediates the unwinding of RNA and that have been involved in RNA virus life cycle, cancer cells proliferation and migration, immune system activation and many other mechanisms.
Based on the evidence that RNA is somehow involved in all the cellular and viral lifecycle, modulation of the activity of selected RNA binding partners, such as RNA helicases, represents a promising strategy. The fact that different helicases mediate some common pathways as well as specific ones, will ensure focused interventions with reduced toxicity.

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[h2_heading]COMPUTER-AIDED DRUG DESIGN[/h2_heading]

Through the use of proprietary software, statistical analysis tools and machine learning algorithms, First Health Pharmaceuticals brought computer aided drug development to a new level

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[h2_heading]LOW ATTRITION RATE[/h2_heading]

First Health Pharma prioritizes the development of compounds with optimal physico-chemical profile, from the early phases of drug discovery pipeline, to increase the chances of research project success

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